Investment Philosophy

The Scutt family over the past 30 years has followed an investment strategy designed to grow assets for future generations. We do not invest in “get rich quick” schemes or speculative derivative products.

We are committed to working with organisations focused on the development of product and/or services, particularly those focussed on creating intellectual property through innovation as it is our belief this is the best opportunity for Australian business to compete internationally in the years ahead. For us, Australian business will need to develop a positive edge through the creation of intellectual property and managed innovation that will lead to improved productivity and profitability within the Australian business community.

We apply strict investment guidelines and carry out appropriate due diligence on any investment project. Being entrepreneurial we will take calculated investment risks with early stage business opportunities and have a track record of doing so.

The strategy of spreading our investment risks across a range of asset classes has also been a basic tenement of our business since inception.

Who Are We

John Scutt

John Scutt


John is a Director of Scutt Partners Pty Ltd and has successfully provided business mentoring and management consultancy services for the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market since 2006 following a 35 year career in the corporate world. John is recognised as having strong business, marketing and financial skills honed over many years in listed and private companies.

Over his career John has always sought opportunities that enabled him to assist companies create greater shareholder value. During the past 8 years John has provided a range of services offered to SME businesses to take the key steps to the next growth stage or alternatively maximise the value of your business if it is time to sell. John has personally developed a proven range of business services that are offered as part of the engagement with a business owner.

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