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Australian job ads rose by 0.7% in November. Looking at internet job ads in particular, the dominant component in the series, total ads increased by 0.9% taking the year-on-year change to 10.2%. This is the fastest annual growth rate since April 2011. Still, from a historical perspective the numbers are hardly great. The 10.2% annualised growth is largely due to a lower base effect rather than any strong improvement. Compared to the series peak back in April 2008 total advertisements have fallen by 43.9% while the size of the labour force has grown 10.5%. Indeed, when looking at the number of internet job ads to the size of the Australian labour force the ratio still languishes near levels seen at the height of the GFC. Yes, job ads are increasing but at a pace not fast enough to significantly lower the unemployment rate. See the link below:–hottopic201412


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