Australia Q3 WPI YY

Australian wages, including both private and public sectors, grew +0.589% in Q3 with the annual rate slipping to +2.577%. The quarterly increase was the lowest seen since Q3 2009 with the annual rate the lowest in the history of the survey.

Australia Q3 WPI States and Territories

While there were mixed performances across the country, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory all recorded small year-on-year increases, it is clear that wages growth is trending lower. Mining States, clear beneficiariesĀ of the mining CAPEX boom, are experiencing strong wage disinflation whilst the ACT, second only to Western Australia in 2012 for wage inflation, now has annual growth below theĀ rate of inflation.

The performance of individual sectors is shown below. Surprisingly construction lags the national average despite strength in residential activity – clearly there is plenty of slack from the winding down of the mining construction boom, while retail and scientific/technical workers are experiencing the slowest wage inflation. On the topside those working in utilities, education and health all recorded growth well above the national average.

Australia Q3 WPI mining, manu, consAustralia Q3 WPI govt dominatedAustralia Q3 WPI FIREAustralia Q3 WPI Hospitality$File/63450_sep%202014.pdf

NB. Chart One is seasonally adjusted, all others use raw numbers. Data courtesy of the ABS.


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