As some of you may know we’re currently doing some consultancy work with, an online social media platform that’s aimed at those who have an interest in financial markets and economics. The numbers of high-calibre contributors are growing strongly as are the numbers signing up to the site. While it has a heavy focus on equities we are currently in the process of bringing together  some of the best minds in finance that specialise in economics, technical analysis,  interest rates, commodities, FX and property markets. Soon enough the platform will be a one-stop shop for information across the entire asset allocation spectrum.

It is an exciting project and has the potential to be an invaluable resource for  investors and traders looking for research, news or simply some fresh investment ideas. Signing up to the platform takes only seconds – an email address and a password will give you instant access to free research you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

The link for the site is found below. To sign up simply click on the link found in the top right corner. Enjoy!



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