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We're opening up subscriptions to our Daily market report, Marketscuttlebutt. A copy of today's report can be found below: If you'd like to receive it each day simply email the word...

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Fed confidence grows, RBNZ goes neutral

Market Update October 30 The US FOMC released their October monetary policy decision earlier this morning with the committee tying off their asset purchase program, affectionately known as QE3 within markets, whilst keeping their ‘considerable time’ line when it came...

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Livewire: A ‘no brainer’ for those interested in markets

As some of you may know we're currently doing some consultancy work with, an online social media platform that's aimed at those who have an interest in financial markets and economics. The numbers of high-calibre contributors are growing strongly...

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Dollar down, stocks up: FOMC fear disappears

Market Update October 29 US consumer confidence surged to the highest level since October 2007 in October with the Conference Board index rising to 94.5. The reading was higher than the 89.0 figure of September, revised up from 86.0 seen previously, and forecasts for...

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Chart: Australian motorists are being taken for a ride

So far in 2014 the spot price of Tapis crude, priced in Australian Dollar terms, has fallen 26.1%. From the last reported price for 2013, $151.30/l, the average price for fuel in Australia has fallen just 1.1%, even after the recent plunge in crude prices globally....

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