Teflon markets return: Ebola, Earnings, ECB wiped

Market Update October 27 The results of the ECB’s Asset Quality review were released late last night with the bank finding an additional €136b in non-performing loans throughout the European financial system. In total 25 banks were found to have insufficient capital...

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Global growth concerns pushed to the side

Market Update October 24 - Update US initial jobless claims rose to 283k last week, above the multi-year low of 266k struck in the previous corresponding week and expectations for an increase to 281k. While slightly below expectations, the 4-week moving average, a...

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China manufacturing PMI beats, internals hardly stellar The latest manufacturing PMI print for October has just been released with the index rising 0.2pts to 50.4, a 3-month high. While a good headline print, the internals of the report...

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New Zealand CPI at the bottom of the band

QQ +0.3%, below expectations for a rise of 0.5%. YY at +1.0%, below forecasts for +1.2% and the lowest level seen since Q3 2013. Despite the sharp turn lower, with a weak Q4 2013 print rolling off the data series next quarter, along with recent declines in the NZD,...

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PMI Thursday: First look at October’s numbers

Market Update October 23 US consumer prices rose 0.1% in September, above expectations for flat growth overall, with the annual pace holding steady at 1.7%. Core inflation, that which excludes volatile energy and food prices, printed exactly the same as the headline...

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