China stimulus hopes may be dashed by one obscure headline

Earlier today this headline hit the wires: *CHINA MAY SET LOWER GDP GROWTH TARGET FOR 2015: BUS. NEWS Ever since both the ASX 200 and AUD have given back early gains. If indeed the Chinese do lower their growth target, something that looks inevitable given the current...

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Little ‘meat on the bones’ from the RBA on housing

The minutes of the RBA's October monetary policy meeting have just been released with the tone very similar to that seen in the policy statement, albeit in more detail. On the hottest topic of the moment, investor activity in the established housing market, there is...

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Market Update October 21 Divergent performances from tech-heavyweights Apple and IBM in Q3 with the former posting strong headline earnings numbers, entirely on the back if iPhone 6 sales, while the latter disappointed badly on a slowdown in emerging market sales....

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